Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Post Idol Fever and my realisation about choir

In my frenzy of coming back home to Jakarta on the end of May and going back again to Xi'an in a matter of two weeks, I've given the chance to watch Idol Marathon and the Idol finale. That would be my turning point of not going to have an Idol to fan about. I watch Adam Lambert and fall in love with his music, I yelled *quite loudly* from my bed when he didn't win, and I kept digging for more glambert in the internet.

As I dig more and more videos, I found duet videos of Adam and Allison, and another of Kris and Gokey *note how I only use Gokey's last name*. At first I only notice how good Adam and Allison were and how not good Kris and Gokey. Then I found another video, this one is from the finale show, where Kris and Adam were singing with Queen, another Duet. I found that Adam and Kris really make a great duet, how Kris tried to rock his voice and Adam would adjust his timbre with Kris's voice. It takes effort of both of the singer to make a great duet, they have to adjust to one another.

This draws me to the question, if two singers have to adjust to sing a good song, then how about in a choir? There are about 35 people in one choir, and to sing a good song you have to adjust all 35 into one voice. Shit!! That's hard man. But I know it can be done, I myself is from a choir who can sing as one voice. So when people sometime under estimate choir group as an outlet for singing *because you don't sing Solo, nobody wiil know/recognized you* I think that person is stupid. Because singing in a choir is harder then singing Solo.

From my FB Notes June 3rd 2009

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