Sunday, June 21, 2009

The CNN Factor

If you're like me, stuck in a hotel room for most of the day and the most exciting Channel in your TV is either CNN, or Discovery channel, you will notice more and more the CNN factor. Is not that I watch CNN all the time, but watching someone build a bridge across some big lake or chanel became boring after a while. So CNN it is.

Here I am, saturday noon, watching the political Mann, and I guess that is one of the way to understand a country called United States of America. As I watched the report about republican slamming President Obama, republican slamming other republican, I can't help but laugh. It seems that no matter if you are from developed country or developing country people are people. They have their own ego and the urge to fulfill their own needs, the never feels satisfied trait. That is people.

Watching CNN, understanding a developed country, makes me think about my own. We have the same problem with them, but we are trying to mend ourselves. True that we are one of the most corrupt country in the world, one of the poor country in the world, one of the most populous country in the world, but I think we can mend that. If we have the intentions to bring our country to the world eyes, we should be prud of ourselves, and help mend the country we born in. I guess that's the CNN factor for me.

from my FB notes June 13th 2009

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