Thursday, December 2, 2010

To hate and love

People said "it's a thin line between love and hate", but how do you actually distinguish it? When hate reside do you actually want to talk to the person? Or you talk but you mainly talk trash about them? And when you love someone, do you talk all the time about your feelings to them just to justify that what you're feeling are love? See how confusing it is between love and hate.

What about feelings that changes then? When your lover left you, dump you or cheated on you do you turn your love to hate instantly? What if said lover beg for your forgiveness? Do you think you can erase or ease that hate and turn it back to love?

Life is already complicated as it is, but I still wonder about the people who entangled themselves with so much love and hate. There are so many questions about those two adjectives without any concrete answers. Even as I think this through, I still can't get any conclusion about it, I feel that you can't love without any hate, and you can't hate without any love. So, I guess what you can do is have a balance of Love and Hate, and make the best of life.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Long overdue post

Sooooo... more than a year since I posted a blog! What happened to me? Actually life happened..:) True, not so many things happened to me this year, but still somethings just occupy your. First of all I got a job! *yay for me* a teaching job for secondary students and the weirdest thing of all, I LOVE IT!

Long story short at first I applied as a member of the marketing team in the school, they hired me as one too, to be honest...I sucked being in marketing! Never ever again should I touch anything that has any connection to marketing or management or administrative. I was thinking of what time should I submit my resignation letter, when the mandarin teacher for secondary school resigned and they needed a new teacher ASAP! Bam... I asked if I could try, they interviewed me, and in less than a week I'm their new Mandarin teacher. I took teaching like duck to water, it just came to me. Other than that, I still do subtitling and translations. Managed to find old contacts in various research company that needs some translators during breaks.

Life has been good and I thank god for it.