Sunday, November 28, 2010

Long overdue post

Sooooo... more than a year since I posted a blog! What happened to me? Actually life happened..:) True, not so many things happened to me this year, but still somethings just occupy your. First of all I got a job! *yay for me* a teaching job for secondary students and the weirdest thing of all, I LOVE IT!

Long story short at first I applied as a member of the marketing team in the school, they hired me as one too, to be honest...I sucked being in marketing! Never ever again should I touch anything that has any connection to marketing or management or administrative. I was thinking of what time should I submit my resignation letter, when the mandarin teacher for secondary school resigned and they needed a new teacher ASAP! Bam... I asked if I could try, they interviewed me, and in less than a week I'm their new Mandarin teacher. I took teaching like duck to water, it just came to me. Other than that, I still do subtitling and translations. Managed to find old contacts in various research company that needs some translators during breaks.

Life has been good and I thank god for it.

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