Monday, September 21, 2009

My life at the moment

Dear Life,

You have been taking a big turn recently, resigning from your job, getting your boss to agree to let you out a month earlier than you think you would, a hectic week of screening, throwing and packing your stuff ~thank God Mom came to the rescue~ add to it, it's all being done in the fasting month. You manage to slipped in some good times for me and my friends at Xi'an, I always appreciate that, and then it's time for me to come home.

Home, a house where I share a room and a bed with my sister, where my parents often stay the night, where I spend a majority of my time stuck like a glue with my laptop (but then my laptop always stuck with me all the time anyway). I love my home, and the good thing is I'm gonna spend a lot of time making it mine again, after all I left it for a year.

Anyways, It's the end of fasting month. It's Lebaran time, spend a lot of time with families and friends, getting stuffed with absolutely delicious foods, getting a stomach ache, and not a whole lot of other thing to do. So, I'm gonna write and write and wait for a reply to my various job applications, and write some more. Good thing Indonesia doesn't block blogspot!!!!

Sincerely yours,


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