Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back in Xi'an

After a one week break for Lebaran vacation and another week waiting for my visa approval, I am back in this ancient town again. Its colder now, and yesterday night I had my fist breakdown. Alone, and I just got a call from my chinese partner who insisted to visit the cement plant site this morning, a two hours drive from the city.

Although I manage to get a good reason from her about this visit, but I'm already in the state of breaking down so I cried about half an hour, tried to YM my sister but she's either to busy with her own mind or doesn't notice anything weird. Anyway, the infiniters threw me a big hug and sooth my breakdown. Along with half a pack of pringles and a cup of hot and sour soup, don't forget the crackers and the mayo... hihihihihihihi...*food is always the best medicine*

I've done the visit today, it was damn cold. My fingers were blue, and I just can't stand still. The damn thing is, my partner *who sits in the front, right beside the driver* has the tendency to open the window, she said that its to stuffy, no air inside the car. I don't think she realize that I'm freezing to death sitting right behind her.

But, all is well my job is finished for the day. I still have a lot of translation to do, but tomorrow I have a meeting with a client and I guess I'm free after that. Going to meet up with a british friend maybe. Also going to meet up with A Jie on Friday. That's a relief. Planning on joining a halloween party, but don't know with whom.

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